What Are Turkish Towels? Exploring with Loom Legacy.

What Are Turkish Towels? Exploring with Loom Legacy.

Unlocking the Magic of Turkish Towels: What Sets Peshtemals Apart

If you're new to the world of Turkish towels or peshtemals, you're not alone. While this term is widely recognized in certain regions, it remains a mystery to many. At Loom Legacy, we're here to shed light on these exceptional textiles that redefine what a towel can be.

Discovering the Origins

Turkish towels, also known as peshtemals or Hammam towels, trace their roots back to 17th century Turkey when the first Hammams, or Turkish baths, were established in Bursa. However, evidence suggests they may have existed as far back as the 7th century AD, favored even by Ottoman empire royalty. With an authentic Turkish towel from Loom Legacy, you can bring a touch of this luxury into your life.

The Loom Legacy Advantage

So, what makes Loom Legacy's peshtemals stand out from ordinary towels? The answer lies in our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. We source the finest Turkish cotton with remarkably long fibers, resulting in plush, soft, and highly absorbent towels that maintain their quality through countless washes. Unlike regular cotton towels that wear thin over time, our Turkish towels are built to last, thanks to the meticulous hand weaving on traditional Turkish looms.

Moreover, our towels dry quickly, preventing that dreaded mildew smell found in other towels. The lightweight nature of our peshtemals ensures rapid drying, leaving no room for mildew to develop.

Experience the Loom Legacy difference - a legacy of quality and luxury that's woven into every thread of our Turkish towels.

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